The Need

Veterans, Homelessness, and Suicide

Learn about veteran needs in Cherokee County.

Veteran Homelessness Today

On any given night in America, there are over 49,000 homeless veterans living on the streets who are not in any type of shelter. Forty percent of homeless veterans suffer from some sort of mental health issue and nine percent of today's homeless are female veterans, some with small children.

The State of Georgia ranks third among states for the largest number of homeless veterans in the Balance of State homeless areas (rural areas which make us 152 of the 159 counties in Georgia). State of Georgia ranks third behind Hawaii and Oregon with the highest rate of unsheltered homeless veterans in the nation. Georgia has a 63.1% rate of unsheltered vs. sheltered homeless veterans within the Balance of State Continuum of Care (COC).

Cherokee County ranks #2 in total homeless persons in the Balance of State. Bibb County ranks number one. Cherokee County does currently qualify for Federal HUD VASH or per diem housing support for veterans. We do qualify for SSVF Grants for veterans with families with children under 17, but it takes up to 12 weeks to get them into the program. With more than 15,000 veterans calling Cherokee County home, we want to thank you for your support.

"Presence of mental disorders (substance-related disorders and/or mental illness) is the strongest predictor of becoming homeless after discharge from active duty."

Homeless Incidence and Risk Factors for Becoming Homeless in Veterans. Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General

Veteran Suicide Today

Veterans are at 50% higher risk of suicide than their peers who have not served. Since 2001, more than 114,000 veterans have died by suicide. By 2030, veteran suicide will account for more than $221 billion in public costs. By 2030, the total of veteran suicides will be 23 times higher than the number of post-9/11 combat deaths. In 2015 (most recent year data available), more than 70% of Veteran suicides occurred outside Veterans Health Administration care. With more than 15,000 veterans calling Cherokee County home, we want to thank you for your support.